Pramac Agile

The first innovative Motorised Pallet Truck with two motor wheels for better stability and traction.

Compact, light, simple and as easy to use as a Hand Pallet Truck. The Agile is the most convenient solution that can be used across any site to make your job easier, combining manual and electric function for convenient usability.


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The innovative motorized pallet truck that combines electric and manual function for
convenient usability.
Compact, light, simple and easy to use, AGILE is the perfect pallet truck to minimize
the operator effort, increasing efficiency and safety.
Ideal in deliveries, supermarket, and retail shop, it can be used by everyone.

The AGILE PLUS is equipped with a Li-ION powerful BATTERY 36V 12,8Ah and the ON
BOARD COMPUTER with OLED display that supplies operator several information and
the possibility to regulate the maximum traveling speed from 3,2 to 5,3 Km/h,
adapting thus the operator experience to the specific application.

The first pallet truck with two traction/steering wheels in the market. The big diameter
(200mm) and tread (160mm) provide great stability without the needs of stabilizers.
Non-marking rubbers grant great traction and comfortable usage on all applications.


Long life 36V battery easy to remove for charging and continuous operation with the
spare battery.
Two types of charger available (bench and wall mounted) with standard and fast
charging time.

The two motorwheels grant high performances and make the AGILE the fastest of the
category. The AC technology and the soft non-marking rubbers make the AGILE an
extremely quiet unit.

The AGILE is equipped with a MANUAL SWITCH that can be used in the eventual case
of low battery: electro brakes are released and the small friction created makes the
AGILE as reliable as a standard pallet truck.
On order to move the unit in narrow space AGILE is equipped with TURTLE SWITCH
to allow for operation with the tiller in vertical position on reduced speed.

Separate drive unit can be combined with frames of any size or metal (steel painted,
galvanized, stainless steel) with a low impact cost and short delivery time. Please ask
to your Pramac dealer for the combination requested.

Simple design with very few components and wiring enabling easy and fast

Front OLED display with 6 selectable screens provides valuable info on truck activity
and allows performance setup:
Pressing the central SCROLL button, operator can get information on:
- Battery status of charge (% of charge)
- Timers (total and partial in h)
- Odometer (total and partial in km)
- Speed setting (% of max speed)
- Diagnostic
- Error page

• Quicklift hydraulic pump to lift the pallet in just two strokes
• Additional battery for continuos use
• Fast charging battery charger

1.1 Manufacturer PRAMAC INDUSTRIAL
Lift Manual
1.3 Drive ELECTRIC
1.4 Operator type Pedestrian
1.5 Load capacity Q Kg 1200
1.6 Load centre distance c mm 600
1.8 Load axle to end forks x mm 932
1.9 Wheel base y mm 1192
2.1 Service weight (battery included) Kg 88
2.2 Axle load, laden rear Kg 891
2.2 Axle load, laden front Kg 395
2.3 Axle load, unladen front Kg 59
2.3 Axle load, unladen rear Kg 27
3.1 Tyres: front wheels RUBBER
3.1 Tyres: rear wheels POLY
3.2 Tyre size: Steering wheels - Width mm 40
3.2 Tyre size: Steering wheels - Diameter mm 200
3.3 Tyre size: Load rollers - Diameter mm 82
3.3 Tyre size: Load rollers - Width mm 60
3.5 Tyre size: rear wheels - Q.ty (X=driven) nr 4
3.5 Tyre size: front wheels - Q.ty (X=driven) nr 2x
3.6 Tread, front b10 mm 162
3.7 Tread, rear b11 mm 375
4.4 Lift height h3 mm 115
4.9 Height of tiller in drive position max h14 mm 1185
4.9 Height of tiller in drive position min h14 mm 710
4.15 Height, lowered h13 mm 85
4.19 Overall lenght l1 mm 1600
4.20 Lenght to face of forks l2 mm 450
4.21 Overall width b1 mm 525
4.22 Fork dimensions - Thickness s mm 55
4.22 Fork dimensions - Width e mm 150
4.22 Fork dimensions - Lenght l mm 1150
4.25 Distance between fork arms b5 mm 525
4.32 Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2 mm 30
4.34 Aisle width Ast mm 2063
4.35 Turning radius Wa mm 1382
Performance data
5.1 Travel speed laden Km/h 4.2
5.1 Travel speed unladen Km/h 5.3
5.2 Lifting speed laden strokes 12
5.2 Lifting speed unladen strokes 12
5.3 Lowering speed laden m/s 0.1
5.3 Lowering speed unladen m/s 0.02
5.8 Max gradeability laden % 5
5.8 Max gradeability unladen % 10
5.10 Service brake Electric
Electric motors
6.1 Drive motor power kW 2x0.25
Battery Type Tipo Li-ion
6.4 Battery voltage V 36
6.4 Battery capacity, Min Ah 12.8
6.4 Battery capacity, Max Ah 12.8
6.5 Battery weight, Min Kg 3
6.5 Battery weight, Max Kg 3
8.4 Sound level at driver's ear dB(A) 60


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