Manually operated trucks                                 

The manual trucks range, produced in Italy, offers a complete series of ideal tools for handling pallets of any size. The range is made up of reliable products of high quality with a three-year warranty. Lifter by Pramac products are available in a wide range of models, with possible customisations based on specific final users requirements, offering tailor made solutions designed by the internal R&D department.

Hand Pallet trucks


GS series is a suitable practical solution meeting all the needs of manual handling. For the transport of fragile and delicate loads, such as loads of glass or ceramics, the premium version includes a sensitive and safe forks lowering control system. The special series, with its broad choice of forks dimensions, guarantees solutions to handle any type of pallet; fi nally, the pro version, also available with a 3.000 Kg load capacity, completes the range of Lifter pallet trucks that are completely made in italy.




hand pallet trucks with scales



The scale trucks range are equipped with a functional and precise weighing device with several operating options, suitable for lifting heavy loads.




High lifters


The HX10 series is available with either manual or electric lift. This product provides a height adjustable platform which reduces operator strain when loading / unloading goods on pallets. It can also be used to provide a stable platform at a height of 800mm  suitable for places such as machine workshop







The I-ton represents a real revolution in making handling materials easier for people, goods, work and the environment. The use of a fiber glass reinforced techno-polymer compound, ensures  benefits in terms of lightness, maneuverability, noise level, environmental impact and cleanliness.



Is your Stacker Truck not what it used to be? Need some spare parts? Then look no further contact us today with your requirements and one of our dedicated team members will assist you every step of the way.

Taurus Handling also have unparalleled access to all Truck Parts for all makes and models.

We understand that your forklift is an integral part of your business and that you cannot be without your forklift for long. That’s why we can have your parts in 24 hours to help get you back up and running.

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