Ep Stacker Ranges

Es-Es series

The ES10-10ES & ES12-12ES pallet stacker from EP Equipment covers all your light duty application in the warehouse and production. Available with a lifting height of up to 4000mm with 1200KG capacity, gel battery and an integrated charger this truck offers you the flexibility you expect from your warehouse truck.

In small warehouses, production or retail environment, ES10-10ES & ES12-12ES from EP Equipment is the entry level stacker you need to optimise your daily working routine. Due to its very small dimension, this stacker plays out its strengths in limited spaces.In years of experience and with thousands pallet stacker sold worldwide, we are always improving the stability of our mast and can proudly say, that you will not get a more stable truck in the same price range.The ES10-10ES & ES12-12ES have many great features that will help you improve your daily operations.

ES - mm series

The ES12-12MM stacker from EP Equipment, a mono mast stacker with a lifting height of up to 1955mm helps you lift goods to a ergonomic working height or ensures a safe storage in your racks.Available with a full-free lifting height of up to 1955mm-1200KG capacity – gel battery and an integrated charger.

In small warehouses, production or retail environment and especially height limited space, the ES12-12MM walkie stacker from EP Equipment is the ideal truck to optimize your daily work. This warehouse lifter with a mono mast and side operating design, ensures you excellent visibility.
Back pain is one of the most common reasons for pain based absence of workers. With our mono mast stacker we increase the ergonomy of the workplace at a very attractive price level. Each worker can place the pallets on a individual suitable hight. This will not only decrease pain and strain for your workers, but also increase the productivity.

Es - wa series

This Straddle arm stacker is the perfect choice for transporting and stacking different sized pallets.
Easily adjustable straddle arms, powerfull AC motor and easy maintenance components make this the truck of your choice.

ES-WA Series from EP Equipment is the ideal stacker to optimize multiple work tasks,
it’s a perfect solution for non-standardized pallets. This model is suitable for lifting and moving in various warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Es Ca - Cs series

EP Equipment´s electric counterbalance stacker series are known for stacking non-standardized pallets.
The electric stacker series comes with the electronic steering system, which allows easy operation. Counterbalance walkie- and ride on pallet truck are an economic alternative compared to big and expensive counterbalance forklift trucks for indoor usage. The counterbalance stacker can pick up different sized pallets and goods due to the fact, that it does not need load arms.

es15 - 15es series

The Electric Stacker ES 15-15ES is the perfect choice if you are looking for a compact, but powerful electric pallet stacker.
Due to its AC engine and the 125Ah AGM batteries, this truck is much smaller then common 1.5to electric stackers. The perfect choice for medium to heavy duty work in the warehouse with a lifting height of up to 3600mm.

es16 Rs series

ES16-RS is a classic electric stacker with high performance and stability,
conforms to international safety standards.

The model is suitable for lifting and moving in small and medium warehouse and manufacturing facilities, where medium height rack system with narrow aisle is applied. However, the demands in big factories places also increases dramatically recently, where either have similar material storage area, or have individual working areas need self-respond equipment.


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