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We offer a wide range of manual handling equipment to suit every application and budget:

ForkLift Trucks (Electric – Gas – Diesel)

Being an independent company we WILL offer you the best solution to your requirement, unlike a main dealer we have access to a full range of manufactures.

artison forklift truck Artison Autorised Dealer

The New Range of Artison Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks are guaranteed to offer a perfect combination of Value for Money, Inbuilt Quality, Robustness, Reliability and Innovative designs.The Manufacturer, based in Taiwan, enjoys the position of being a Hi-Tech manufacturer of Precision CNC Machinery, OEM narrow aisle warehouse equipment and Forklift trucks. Having such a precision build factory ensures the proven design & reliability of technical innovations such as Solenoid Auto Transmissions fitted with oil coolers ensure the trucks are more than able to cope with the most arduous operating conditions.The Range includes trucks from 1500Kg to 5000Kg with lift height available up to 6000mm. The range of power derivatives are LPG, Diesel and Battery (DC & AC options).Quality is a major reason why the Artison Forklift trucks have grown in popularity across the globe. The Factory has attained BVQI London accreditation for quality and ensured compliance for ALL models to EN1726:1 1999 "Safety of Industrial trucks up to and including 10000Kg".

 teu forkliftTEU Authorised Dealer

TEU  Is a professional manufacturer and supplier of material handling equipment. With registered capital of 15 million RMB, TEU is mainly engaged in the production, sales and after-sales service of 2-4T diesel forklift, 4.5-11.5T diesel forklift, 2-4.5T gasoline forklift truck and 1.5-4T electric forklift. TEU will manufacture 12-16T diesel forklifts next year. The products are extensively used in the fields of logistics and transport, port and pier as well as storage and haulage. Their annual production capacity can reach 10,000 units The forklifts have obtained ISO9001 quality system certificate, special equipment manufacturing license, CE certificate and SGS certificate.

Warrior powered perdestrian stacker trucks Warrior Authorised Dealer

Mariotti micro forklift trucksMariotti Authorised Dealer

V.MARIOTTI S.r.l. is a manufacturer of compact electric three wheel forklifts.The company has a long story and strong tradition in the handling sector (see Since 1920) and exports all over the world. Engineering and production are done in Italy  through a plant based in Grugliasco (Torino). As leader in its category, V.MARIOTTI S.r.l. is the only company in the world which  offers more than 20 models of compact electric three wheel forklifts. Capacity goes from 400 Kg to 1300 Kg and unique performances allows to meet specific use needs requested by the market.Thanks to a 90 year history, the company has accumulated a substantial tecnical know how and designs itself a lot of forklift's parts like some gear boxes and masts. Then parts are manufactured by specialised external suppliers. Quality control and assembly are done inside  V.MARIOTTI S.r.l. plant.

V.MARIOTTI S.r.l. is R&D oriented, looks at innovative solutions and even offers customised products for specific customer's needs.The company complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 specification for engineering, production of forklifts and spare parts sale.

Stair Climbers (Manual and Powered)

Knowing what the right type of equipment you need to safely move your product is key, At Taurus Handling all staff are regularly trained how to use stair climbers for every location and application

Liftkar StairclimberLiftkar Authorised Dealer.

Hand Pallet Trucks (Manual and Powered)

In today’s ever increasing society your valuable time is key to your operation let Taurus Handling find the right unit at the right budget for your needs.

Warrior pallet trucksWarrior Authorised Dealer

Scissor Tables (Manual and Powered)

We offer a wide range of Scissor tables from the small and simple to the fully bespoke, contact us for more information.

Taurus Bespoke Pedestrian Counter Balanced Trucks

Our TAURUS range of standard, specialist and bespoke pedestrian trucks, Tool Handlers, Die Handlers, Inspection Mould Handling Machines, Plane Handlers, Tugs, Paper Reel Handlers and Carpet Reel Handlers are built to LAST. From day 1 of your plans Taurus Handling are with you every step of the way, we are positive there is not an application we cannot design a Taurus unit for.

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